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Рентгенография грудной клетки в 1-ой проекции

Рентгенография грудной клетки в 1-ой проекции
от 2200 pуб.
Фото доктора Читалова Марина Викторовна

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Отзывы пациентов Euromed Clinic

Наталья 5 июля, 2017

Добрый день! У вас крутая клиника. Как сказал один мой знакомый: дорого, но очень хорошо!

23 июня, 2017

Dear doctors and nurses at Euromed.
I am writing to thank all of you for your excellent treatment during my stay in the clinic between 7th and 14th June, but most particularly for the kindness that all of you showed me, In particular my doctors, Vladimir and Maksim, and nurses, the two Olgas, Zoya and Alla, who all executed their duties with efficiency, sympathy and kindness, in spite of the language barrier. Although it was not the holiday in Saint-Peterburg that I had dreamed of, the staff of Euromed Clinic made my stay there as pleasant as I could be in the circumstances.
I am now back at home and still undergoing treatment, but I hope in the end to recover fully and to revisit your beautiful city.
Kings Regards J.M.

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