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Intrauterine Insemination (Artificial Insemination)

How it Works:

  • Ovulation is medically induced.
  • The ovum’s readiness is monitored with the help of an ultrasound and hormonal tests.
  • The procedure is scheduled based on the best time for conception.
  • The semen is processed beforehand in order to select the most vital sperm cells for the procedure.
  • Intrauterine insemination takes place. The processed sperm is placed inside the uterus with the help of a special thin catheter.
  • 17-22% of the time the procedure is efficient when using a partner’s sperm.
  • 30-60% of the time the procedure is efficent when using a donor’s sperm.
  • 5 million is the amount of sperm cells found in 1 millilitre of semen. This is the minimal amount required in order to determine how successful the procedure will be.
  • 2 minutes is the average duration of the procedure.