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In-vitro Fertilization

This procedure is used as a method to treat both female and male infertility.
Before the in-vitro fertilization procedure can take place, both partners need to go through a series of tests to determine the cause of infertility. Afterwards they will undergo the treatment process which includes both medication and therapy. The embryo transferring process is painless and takes only a few minutes.

How It Works:

  • Superovulation (hyperstimulation) is induced with the help of medication.
  • Follicle puncture (egg retrieval) takes place with the help of an ultrasound.
  • A semen sample is collected and processed in order to select the most viable sperm for the procedure.
  • The fertilization and cultivation of the egg takes place in an incubator of the next few days.
  • In-vitro fertilization takes place when the embryo (or embryos) are transferred into the uterus with the help of a special thin catheter.
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      of procedures prove to be successful.


      eggs (ova) are used during one procedure.

      100-200 000

      sperm cells are required to fertilize one egg (ovum) during the process of natural conception.

      Up to 60 days

      is how long the average IVF treatment cycle takes.

      When Is IVF Treatment Recommended?

      • When other methods of treating infertility have proven to be unsuccessful.
      • When the fallopian tubes are damaged (or removed).
      • In cases of male infertility.
      • In cases of immune infertility.

      Success Rates of In-vitro Fertilization Treatment

      The chance of getting pregnant from the first try after an IVF treatment depend on a lot of factors: age, state of health, genes, lifestyle choices, and even the ecological environment. Modern IVF planning methods allow a couple to have the same chances of conception as healthy couples. Approximately 25-30% of conception attempts result in an IVF pregnancy. There are several methods that allow for this percentage to grow up to 50-70%. Our clinic promises to do everything in our power to achieve the best possible results for our patients.

      When choosing the best in-vitro fertilization treatment clinic in Saint Petersburg, you will need to keep in mind all stages of the treatment process that will need to take place before you can successfully fall pregnant. This is a popular topic of discussion on IVF forums and amongst couples planning to have a baby. Both healthy and struggling couples have many questions. What kinds of in-vitro fertilization procedures exist today? What are the risks of undergoing in-vitro fertilization treatment? What is the best place to have the procedure done? The reviews of the treatment speak for themselves. One thing is for sure, ever since IVF treatment became available, infertility is no longer a life sentence.

      Future parents try to find not only a clinic where they can undergo IVF treatment, but a treating doctor that can be their partner in the fight against infertility. Couples want a specialist who will study the problem inside out and will hold their hand through all stages of the treatment process. Our specialists are ready to make the process of falling pregnant as easy and pleasant as possible. Nothing delights our doctors as much as being there with you from the very start of the IVF process to the actual birth of your healthy baby.

      Most other medical clinics offering IVF treatment in Saint Petersburg don’t include medication costs in the overall price of the procedure. Our clinic offer a package deal where medication costs are included in the treatment process (up to 60 000 rubles).