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Primary Infertility

Usually, infertility of the first degree is caused by inherent or acquired diseases of the reproductive system. The diagnosis itself doesn’t mean that it is impossible for the woman to achieve pregnancy. Modern medicine has come a long way and is fully capable of treating all kinds of different pathologies affecting the uterus and ovaries.

What Are the Reasons for Primary Infertility?

Many of the pathologies affecting the female reproductive system can cause infertility. The most common of which are: uterine fibroids, cysts, cervical erosion and cervical polyps.

Often these illnesses are symptomless. For instance, cervical cysts can go completely unnoticed until an ultrasound test takes place. The only exception are endometrial cervical cysts, which let themselves be known through a nagging pain in the lower abdominal area, alternating menstrual cycle lengths, as well as visible changes in vaginal discharge.

Other well known causes of primary infertility (around 30% of all cases) ovarial pathologies. This includes the conditions of polycystic and dysfunctional ovaries, which disturb the ovarial hormonal production process. Symptoms of these conditions include consistently delayed periods, as well as periods that last for longer than one week.