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Отзывы пациентов Euromed Clinic

No Name 8 ноября, 2017

Excelente atención. El médico vino a mi hotel y pudo solucionar mi problema con gran profesionalismo. Muy contenta por el servicio recibido. Sin duda lo recomiendo. Gracias !!

THIRY Armelle Joseph 2 ноября, 2017

Good evening, My stay in the Euromed… is a good memory. We have been nicely welcome at the reception the day of my arrival (a Sunday!) and the fact that you work with Europ assistance or D.K.V. is very useful. The medical team was very professional , pleasant and always ready to help. The room and the bath were large, bright and clean. A bad point…??? yes, of course… but a small one… the «каша» for the breakfast! 😉😉😉 But never mind, I was in your beautiful country that I like very much ❤❤❤ and I had to adapt!!! Best regards from a well cured Belgian, THIRY Armelle Joseph

Priscilla Healy 1 ноября, 2017

Hello Euromed Clinic. Prompt, helpful, professional and thorough. Reassured us for the remainder of our around the world trip. Very good experience.

Sandra 1 ноября, 2017

Thank you, the attention I received was thorough and I was very pleased that your lovely receptionist was able to deal direct with my travel insurance people and so I didn't have to worry about that or be out of pocket for any expense other than a taxi fare back to the boat. I might add that I am still not 100% recovered, but that is not your fault. I am blaming the tourist boat people for having an obstacle on their un-lit pathway leading to the gang-way to board the boat. Thank your for your attention. Blessings

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